Thursday, October 7, 2010


I was just thinking how we human beings have got this wonderful ability to have thought process and also able to Reflect upon our thoughts. But the ability or the practice of reflecting on one's own thoughts is not seen commonly. It requires a great deal of insight into our perception and actions and also a mind to critic our intentions and consequences of our actions. We perform many day to day activities out of routine practice, sometimes not even asking ourselves why we have been practicing or performing certain actions. We take it for granted that it is an accepted way of life and our actions are justified by the fact that everyone else in the society are also doing the same since ages. Well, is this what our education teaches us? To just imitate what others have been doing in the past especially if they are approved by our elders or some authority approves so? Many social practices as well as cultural practices exist today in this manner. May it be Dowry system, an extravagant and exuberant wedding, performing rituals in order to bring peace and order in the family or society, or even as simple as other behavioral actions like throwing away plastics, papers or any waste into our own surroundings! Just taking it for granted that everybody does it, so there is no harm in it! How many times do we reflect upon our actions? How many times do we feel responsible for our meaningless and many times harmful practices? 

Well, the art of reflection towards our thoughts and actions, the process of thinking about our thinkings, knowing our intentions and projecting the consequences of our thoughts is a great way into making our life really meaningful. Reflecting brings us joy in life since we can truly enjoy every moment of this life lived meaningfully. Celebrating life and following the heart go hand in hand! And to make it a beautiful journey and never to compromise on our conscience and integrity Reflection plays a major role. I do remember what Paulo Coelho says in one of the stories (On Elegance) of his book 'Like the Flowing River' and I would like to quote that excerpt here: 

When you make a decision, set it in motion, try to review mentally each stage that led you to take that step, but do so without tension, because it is impossible to hold all the rules in your head. With your spirit free, as you review each step, you will become aware of which were the most difficult moments, and how you overcame them. This will be reflected in your body, so pay attention!
Paulo Coelho was relating the external body postures to elegance of the inner self. It so beautifully and in a very simple manner helps us to understand how our actions bring about elegance in our outer and inner self. In order to bring this elegance into our lives we need to reflect on what we do and how we do and why we do certain things. This comes with simplicity of thoughts and actions and at the same time a complex process of cognition and metacognition which takes place in our brain. Well, sometimes thinking simple requires a complex process of perception, analysis and application with reflection at each step. Thats the beauty and joyous elevation gained by our soul! 

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